Pentahotel Birmingham

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The hotel is less than a mile from the city centre, but a million miles away from the usual. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the pentahotel Birmingham. Just the tonic for the weary traveller, or the visitor who's rearing to go. Perfectly positioned to jump-start your visit to England's Second City. In fact pentahotel is much like Birmingham itself: relaxed, confident in its unique personality and right in the middle of it all!   

The guest rooms in the pentahotel Birmingham include many fine comforts, from the wonderful bed to the larger-than-usual flat screen TV, and free in room movies and uber cool toiletries that are asking to be taken home.

Mini car is good, we can all agree, yes? And of course Birmingham is the iconic Mini's ancestral home. But mini bar? Well, some things shouldn't be quite so... reduced, if you ask the hotel staff. So what you'll find instead is the maxibar on every corridor, with a much better choice of drinks and snacks. Why limit yourself? Penta doesn't believe in that kind of thing! 

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Pentahotel Birmingham

Ernest Street / Holloway Head, Birmingham B1 1NS, United Kingdom

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Nearest Airport: Birmingham International Airport – BHX, 15 miles (20 mins drive) 
Nearest Rail Station: Birmingham New Street, 0.5 miles (5 mins walk)  

Nearest Bus Station: 
Birmingham Coach Station, 0.5 miles (5 mins walk)
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Pentahotel Birmingham

Ernest Street / Holloway Head, Birmingham B1 1NS, United Kingdom