Pullman Cologne

الاستخدام النهاري من 395,92 QAR719,66 QAR لليلة الواحدة-45%
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Pullman Cologne Innenstadt
Pullman Cologne Innenstadt
Pullman Cologne Innenstadt
Pullman Cologne Innenstadt
Pullman Cologne Innenstadt
Pullman Cologne Innenstadt
Pullman Cologne Innenstadt

٩:٠٠ ص٥:٠٠ م

Superior King Room

719,66 QAR لليلة الواحدة-45%
  • إلغاء الحجز مجاني
  • الدفع يتم في الفندق
  • تأكيد فوري
متضمن في العرض:
  • تكييف هواءتكييف هواء
  • حوض استحمامحوض استحمام
  • دُشدُش
  • مجفف شعرمجفف شعر
  • خزانة داخل الغرفةخزانة داخل الغرفة
Superior Room with 1 kingsize bed. A great choice! Our well-lit, 269 sq. ft. (25 m²) Superior Rooms with impressive bathroom, air conditioning, Internet access, mini-bar and LCD TV give you a real sense of wellbeing. A kettle and a bottle of water are provided free of charge.

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This hotel proves that it is possible for a central location to be peaceful. Right in the city center of Cologne, the Pullman Cologne hotel is conveniently close to all of the attractions that make this city so famous, whether it's the cathedral, the River Rhine or the old town. When inside the hotel itself, you will feel the city's energy transform into an atmosphere of relaxation. With its spaciousness and its elegant flair, the hotel creates a stylish space for creativity and exciting encounters.

مرافق الفندق

  • مطعممطعم
  • باربار
  • مركز الأعمالمركز الأعمال
  • غرفة (غرف) اجتماعاتغرفة (غرف) اجتماعات
  • تدليكتدليك
  • نقل مجاني من وإلى المطارنقل مجاني من وإلى المطار
  • مصعدمصعد
  • قادر على استقبال الحيوانات الأليفةقادر على استقبال الحيوانات الأليفة

Pullman Cologne

Helenenstrasse 14

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PULLMAN COLOGNE EX SOFITEL. . The Pullman Cologne Hotel is peacefully located and yet right in the center of the Rhineland city of Cologne. It is the ideal base for a business or leisure trip and is just 25 minutes from Cologne-Bonn airport. Alternatively, the hotel is easily reachedb y public transportation. The Cologne exhibition center is only ten minutes away, and there are many international companies in the vicinity of the hotel. A leisurely walk will take you to the river Rhine or to the old town with Cologne Cathedral.

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Pullman Cologne

Helenenstrasse 14